Moshe Kasher (featuring Rory Scovel). 15 Minute Set. 

Comedian on Comedian w/ Coree Spencer: Guest: Rory Scovel.

[This video is well timed. Rory rocked at the Punchline last night and returns tonight for another go at recording his CD. Hope you have a time to be apart of history. It’s really nice outside by the whey protein.]

Rory Scovel Recording an album at the San Francisco Punchline on 4/5 and 4/6. It shall be phenomenal.

Rory Scovel. Recording a CD at the Punchline, April 5 and 6. GETTIN’ PUMPED!

"Whose dick do I have to suck to get my kid back?"

— Rory Scovel (New Hero. Snob & Punch Oct ‘10). 

Rory Scovel (Last night’s surprise guest at Snob Theater)