"My Roommate, My Friend: Sigourney Weaver" by Dress Up Gang. Featuring Donny Divanian (SF10s), Cory Loykasek (SF10s) and Rory Scovel

"San Francisco, with its classic, snowless blizzards. It’s a goddamn polar vortex…(imitates a tough guy voice) I fuck on my porch in weather like this…that’s the only way I can come.”

Rory Scovel riffing on the weather @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

[It’s so hard to capture this man’s magic. I highly recommend you see him live. Hardest I’ve laughed all year.]

Courting Comedy Spotify Playlist: (6/6/2014)

"Power Slide" by Dan Cummins. Dan Cummins, playing this weekend in beautifully estranged Sunnyvale, is a funny guy. Likeability, the vague property of not being a piece of shit, does the man well. He’s great live, riffs well, a showman without folly.

"Relax/Sit" by Rory Scovel. I love Rory Scovel to death. He’s a real, honest to greatness artist and a demoralizingly funny comic. It’s like he’s not trying, which is infuriating in my own times of doubt. Will I ever be as funny as Rory? Probably not. Still, it does well to marvel his magesty, especially on his album Dilation, recorded at SF Punch Line (to which he returns this weekend.)

"The Rooster" by OutKast. I performed at Rooster T Feathers this week. I hope they invite me back. They play Outkast’s "The Rooster" as people file out (erudite pun) and their staff is always nice to me. Also, shout out to Chipotle.

"The Worst Possible Conclusion" by Michael Ian Black. Michael Ian Black works words and wonder this week at the beautiful and coveted Chapel on Valencia St. I’m listening to his album at work. He’s fast becoming my favorite black comedian since BET’s Faceman.

"Do Not Punch My Baby" by Brian Posehn. This weekend, native Brian Posehn shares the stage with T-Pain. No, wait, this is a lie.

Courting Comedy Spotify Playlist: (10/4/2013)

I’m a little late on this one so here’s some backtracked tracks of Bay Area Comedy Gold available on Spotify:

1. Sean Patton by Holy Fuck Comedy. Sean Patton has a fabulous album — 2012’s Standard Operating Procedures — that’s unfortunately unavailable on Spotify. The only result for Mr. Patton’s persuasion is from the recently released Holy Fuck Comedy compilation and it’s a bona fide doozy. Riffing turns of histrionics with a exuding presence and groove: Patton is on another planet. 

2. Gay Porn by Margaret Cho. Our beloved, native faghag princess has been on the forefront of comedy and culture for as long as I can remember. Her story of her brother’s vengeance-inspired fish bowl defacing still ranks high as a childhood memory. This piece, taken from her SF-housed special “I’m The One That I Want”, offers a great prelude her upcoming shows at the Nob Hill Masonic for her “MOTHER” tour.

3. "Dating Aggressively" by Marc Maron. A modern folk hero, everyman made “made man”, deft self-destructor. However you perceive the Renaissance WTFer, he’s made a prolific niche that includes “This Has To Be Funny” and that’s recently expanded with "Thinky Pain".

4. Chelsea Peretti by Invite Them Up. Chelsea Peretti is another comedian making the Bay Area proud on a consistent basis be it stand-up, writing, sketches, or stealing the show on FOX’s new series, Brooklyn Nine Nine. And I mean STEALING the show. I look forward to her first full-fledge album. 

5. Smile by Rory Scovel. I was in the room at this show’s mirror. In the vault is a version of Dilation, performed at the San Francisco Punch Line in 2011, with a loud comedian/blogger billowing with laughter. Nevertheless, Rory Scovel’s Dilation ranks as one of my favorite albums, period, made even sweeter by its forging close to home. 

"Sanderson 720º - Boston Manhunt (GNN NEWS)" by Goatface Comedy. Featuring Hasan Minhaj (SF00s), Asif Ali, Fahim Anwar, Aristotle Athiras, Rory Scovel, Rob Gleeson and Jake Weisman. 

Big Spoon and Short Straw Trailer

Trailer for Big Spoon and Short Straw, narrative feature film about two friends living after the apocalypse. Directed by Jim Dziura. Written by Robb Boardman and Cory Loykasek. Starring Rory Scovel, Greg Edwards, Donny Divanian and Cory Loykasek.

Podcast: Doug Loves Movies @ Sacramento Punch Line featuring Keith Lowell Jensen, Rory Scovel, and Ngaio Bealum. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

[Great episode with some local favorites. On his debut, KLJ rocked DLM]



Rory Scovel - Walk

Rory Scovel is seriously one of the most creative and charismatic comedians in the business today. His infectious personality and absurdist observations are what makes him such a treat to listen to.

If you like stand-up AT ALL, you need to hear him.

RORY SCOVEL will be here at Cobb’s with Ron Funches and Dave Hill on February 7. Click here for tickets.

Doug Loves (Scary) Movies @ Cobb’s Comedy Club (10/31/2012) featuring Arj Barker, Rory Scovel and Jonah Ray. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

When did San Francisco become “The Walking Dead: The Ride”? Like, what year?

- Rory Scovel @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

When did San Francisco become “The Walking Dead: The Ride”? Like, what year?

- Rory Scovel @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

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