"I Don’t Hit My Kid" by Keith Lowell Jensen

Stand Upping at Punch Line Sacramento in December 2013. I don’t hit my kid and somehow this is a point of contention between me and some of my friends.


Clip from the other night. “Boudoir photos”

Podcast: Doug Loves Movies @ Sacramento Punch Line featuring Kevin Avery, Tony Camin and Moshe Kasher. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

Rolling w/ Keith Lowell Jensen: Episode 2. The Flow. Directed by Danielle Mandella.

On stage at his CD release show, Keith has vivid and unexpected flashbacks from battle in a foreign land.

Podcast: Doug Loves Movies @ Sacramento Punch Line featuring Keith Lowell Jensen, Rory Scovel, and Ngaio Bealum. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

[Great episode with some local favorites. On his debut, KLJ rocked DLM]

Product Review: If These Balls Could Talk

Whooping applause welcomes Louis Katz, comedian/director/person, to the crowning of his album recording; a hot, Sacramento crowd. Such love isn’t something to squander, oh no, as Katz returns the sentiment with immediate self-deprecation, the kind characterized by skyward chin, erect spine and a flaccid penis hanging through a gaping, open fly.

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"Barack Obama wants my $5" by Keith Lowell Jensen. Recorded Live at the Sacramento Punch Line