SF Sketchfest Presents Shakes The Clown Live

Both photos: (c) 2014 Dan Dion

Top photo (l. to r.): Rick Overton, Laraine Newman, David Gborie, Sean Keane, Josh Androsky, Julie Brown, Bob Goldthwait, Tom Kenny, Caitlin Gill, Dan Spencer, Paco Romane, Mike Spiegelman, Kevin Pollak and Polyanna McIntosh.

Bottom photo: Seated: Julie Brown, Florence Henderson, Laraine Newman. Middle row: Kevin Pollak, Dan Spencer, Bobcat Goldthwait, Paco Romane, Sean Keane, David Gborie. Back row: Polyanna McIntosh, Bucky Sinister, Rick Overton, Caitlin Gill, Josh Androsky, Tom Kenney, Mike Spiegelman.

I performed in the stage reading of Shakes the Clown as Ho Ho the Clown, a role originally played by my comedy hero, Paul K of the Fake Gallery. Original cast members at the reading were Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown, Tom Kenney, Florence Henderson, and Dan Spenser. Laraine Newman impersonated the late La Wanda Page, Ric Overton did Paul Dooley, and Kevin Pollak did Robin Williams. He sat next to me, and after saying “Whoa!,” turned to me, pointed to the script, and said, “It really says ‘Whoa!’ here.”

Thanks to Cole at Sketchfest and Caitlin Gill for getting other roles cast with San Francisco talent (like me, thanx!), alongside Polyanne McIntosh and Josh Androsky.

Hoping this was recorded and soon put up on SF Sketchfest’s YouTube Channel. In the meanwhile, watch the original movie on Crackle (and Earth Girls Are Easy on YouTube).

(via luggagetuesdays)