I Don’t Dance (Trailer) by Brent Weinbach (SF00s)

Trailer for Brent Weinbach’s short film “I Don’t Dance”, coming soon. With Fahim Anwar, Kat Foster, Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher, Melissa Kay Anderson, and Andre Hyland.

"My Roommate, My Friend: Sigourney Weaver" by Dress Up Gang. Featuring Donny Divanian (SF10s), Cory Loykasek (SF10s) and Rory Scovel

Sketch Sunday: “Ugly Revenge” by Louis CK featuring Ron Lynch (SF90s), Amy Poehler and JB Smoove.

Sketch Saturday: Girl’s Guitar Club (2001) with Mary Lynn Rajskub (SF90s) & Karen Kilgariff (Native) (by Ruben Fleischer)

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"F*ck With Space" by William Head. A Stand-Up Comedy Short Film. 

"Bass Instructor" by Joey Izzo. Featuring Chris Garcia and Briseis Schreibman.

[This is absolutely fulfilling.]


Trying to make this short film with some very funny friends, including Baron Vaughn, Margaret Cho, W. Kamau Bell, David Alan Grier, Rachel True, and Prodigal Sunn from the Wu Tang Clan.

Check out the link above and watch me, DAG and Margaret Cho talk about making “Thugs, The Musical”.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

A pledge for Thugs The Musical is a Pledge for Baron Vaughn. Support the arts, it’s about time that you did.