In its ninth installment, Give Me Fiction takes to Lost Weekend Video to look at the world of tomorrow… TODAY! Or July 6th, either one. Some of the finest minds in comedy, literature, and theatre write pieces around a theme, which they are free to interpret as loosely or strictly as…

Write Club SF Chapter 26: Too Much WRITE Makes the Baby Go Blind

RSS: Random Street Stories (Episode 003) by AbstrktVolcano (aka William Head) featuring Josh Argyle, Brandon Stokes and Chris Duncan

RSS: Random Street Stories is a collaborative documentary film series by William Head, which combines the story-telling talents and personalities of the San Francisco comedy scene with featured musicians and djs from around the world. Filmed & edited by William Head for AbstrktVolcanoFilm.

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Episode 003 

3.10 - 3.14.14 / Haight St., Folsom St.

Comedian Brandon Stokes describes his days as a wayward youth. Comedian Josh Argyle relives his worst day in the custodial arts. Comedian Chris Duncan recounts a particularly interesting experience as a Lyft driver.

Music by Soto the Zen Master

Selected Tracks (in order): Can’t Be Alone / A Cup of Tea / Def Center / I Remember Clifford