"Bandwagon Haters": A die-hard LeBron hater bemoans all the recent haters jumping on the bandwagon for the playoffs. By Matt Lieb.


seriously, it’s 2014 and y’all ain’t talkin’ about MTV Cribs enough…UNTIL NOW. we over at BLESSED (THE SKETCH COMEDY GROUP) believe that it’s never too late to do a Cribs parody. I hope you feel the same (and i totally understand if you don’t). ENJOY!



Featuring Alex Koll, Erin Mitchell, Kyle Kinane, Guy Branum, Chris Garcia and Nick Stargu (DJ REAL)


Don’t Watch This Show Live! presents “Jorts”.




[This is amazing! Just watch.]

"The Record Collector" by Matt Ingebretson. Directed by Joey Izzo (Native)

Sketch Saturday: Adventures of Pillow Pet and Flarah, Part 2 by Farah Haidari ( farhaha )

Sketch Comedy: “The Wolf of Bitcoin” by 30 Days, No Regrets. Directed by Raleigh Latham. 

A silly mashup of the story of the Silk Road, Bitcoin, and the Wolf of Wall Street. We filmed this as part of our 30 day comedy project: One Month No Regrets.

Dir/Edit/Prod. Raleigh Latham
A.D. Judith Sealey
2nd AD. Harry Thomas
3rd AD John Gallagher
Audio Chris Nealy

John Gallagher
Raleigh Latham
Seamus Calder
Jesse Hett
Juan Medina 
Ellen Murphy,
David Klein
Harry Thomas,
Andy Garcia,
Parker Nevin,
Brandon Garner,
Katy Hidalgo,
and heaps of others!.

"Whale Talk 2" by jericho! Comedy ( jerichocomedy )