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DJ REAL’s Unused Kickstarter Video

This is an unused Kickstarter campaign video for DJ REAL’s new album that’s still in the works. There’s no actual Kickstarter happening, but if you want to donate to the production of the album, send all of your money to www.djrealsmells.com!



thank you, Chris Storin, for speaking your truth!

Surprisingly well thought out video

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"Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!" by ACoupleOfN3rds

Charles, Your Hangover: Part 4: The Book Club ft. Echo Kellum by Two Trick Pony Productions


Any good book club meeting ends with a game of Edward 40oz Hands. 

Sketch Saturday: “My Video Resume” by ACoupleofN3rds. Featuring Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin

[My latest review, detailing BOAT and BriTANick at the Eureka Theater, one of my favorite shows of all time.]

Sketch Saturday: “Interface: The Ezra Green Story” by Miles K and Greg Armstrong. Cameo by Griffin Daley. 

Charles, Your Hangover: Part 3: One Night Stand w/ ft. Jessica Lowe by Two Trick Pony Productions  (via aboveaverage)


Waking up with a hangover? Bad. Waking up with a hangover, a condom in your hair, & a stranger in your underwear? …That’s rough, Lizzie.