"Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!" by ACoupleOfN3rds

Charles, Your Hangover: Part 4: The Book Club ft. Echo Kellum by Two Trick Pony Productions


Any good book club meeting ends with a game of Edward 40oz Hands. 

Sketch Saturday: “My Video Resume” by ACoupleofN3rds. Featuring Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin

[My latest review, detailing BOAT and BriTANick at the Eureka Theater, one of my favorite shows of all time.]

Sketch Saturday: “Interface: The Ezra Green Story” by Miles K and Greg Armstrong. Cameo by Griffin Daley. 

Charles, Your Hangover: Part 3: One Night Stand w/ ft. Jessica Lowe by Two Trick Pony Productions  (via aboveaverage)


Waking up with a hangover? Bad. Waking up with a hangover, a condom in your hair, & a stranger in your underwear? …That’s rough, Lizzie.

[My latest review for Spinning Platters covering the Don’t Watch This Show Live! (dwtslive) and Femikaze (femikaze) show hosted by Jules Posner at the Eureka Theater on 1/27/2014]

Sketch Saturday: “Wrong Pipe” by Brent Weinbach. Featuring Brent Weinbach and Laura Weinbach

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