Podcast: Balls & Stuff [Sports & Comedy] w/ Ben Kolina and Nick Palm. Special Guest: Sean Keane. Download Link: 

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Episode 5 w/ Guest Sean Keane

Sean Keane, comedian boy-wonder, joins the gang for yet another top-notch episode. We talk March Madness, and all agree something shady is happening at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Podcast: Balls & Stuff [Sports & Comedy] w/ Ben Kolina and Nick Palm. Special Guests: Ryan Papazian and Dustin Hempstead. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

In the wake of the Oscar Pistorious murder(?) arrest, Ben and Nick - confused - scramble to find a reliable source. They fly out South African legal expert Johan Van Der Syl, who gives us the low-down on their quirky legal system. Ryan Papazian stops in to argue with Van Der Syl about hockey. Ryan loves hockey…a lot. 

"How good are professional athletes, really? Your average sports team loses half its games."

— Miles K 

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Jazz Talk. Jasper Redd #23

[David Stern, you’re a bitch.]

The Sal and Angelo Podcast Episode 53 w/ Joe Tobin. Download Link: Here.

[Sorry no Angelo. Two East Coast raised, Bay Area comedians talk about the traditionally less passionate San Francisco sports fans, comedy club hierarchy, and debate which season of the Simpsons was the best. Also, Godfather.]

Sklar Bro Country Episode 18: w/ Moshe Kasher

Sklar Brothers @ Palace of Fine Arts. Moshe Kasher @ Herbst Theater. Tonight. NYE. What!

(Subject Covered: Dying Boy Wishes, Tony Parker, Moving to San Francisco, Books, Mistaken Identity, MMA, Lost Testosterone, Shaq Rap, Chilean Minors, and other nice things)