"Seattle Put Me On Antidepressants" by Derek Sheen. Filmed Live at Stage Werx in SF. (via rooftopcomedy)

Favorite Things of Last Night: “Obama and My Penis” by Matt Lieb. Recorded Live at Stage Werx in SF. 

"Tea bags are a fun way to jazz up boiling water"

Land Smith @ Lost Weekend Video/The Mission Position [Paraphrase]

Courting Sketchfest: “Coffee Shop Breakdown” by Kevin O’Shea. Filmed at Stage Werx Theater in SF. via rooftopcomedy

Courting Sketchfest: “A Raunchy Joke” by Land Smith. Recorded at Stage Werx Theater. [via rooftopcomedy]

Courting Sketchfest; “Chicago, An Alcohol Problem” by the Puterbaugh Sisters. Recorded at Stage Werx in SF. (via rooftopcomedy)

“Charity” by Jesse Elias. Recorded Live at Stage Werx

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Top Guys, A ‘Top Gun’ Stage Play Parody in San Francisco

Aly Jones, 10 Minutes at Stage Werx Theater

Courting Sketchfest: “More of A Dog Person” by Joselyn Hughes. Recorded Live at Stage Werx

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