"Porchlight: Feast or Famine" by George Chen. 

Porchlight Nov 25, 2013
Hemlock Tavern

Corbett Redford is a starving artist who hits his absolute bottom in a spree of bad luck, until one day a mysterious package arrives at his warehouse. Corbett continues to tour the U.S with his band Bobby Joe Ebola ( bobbyjoeebola ) and is still putting out records. Hear his music at http://bobbyjoeebola.com/

Producers: Jamie deWolf and Mark Ristich

Robin Higgins (Native) at a Moth Story Slam in Los Angeles


Moshe Kasher (Native) tries to clean up his act for a more conservative audience, but winds up offending a bunch of Jews.

This Is Not Happening: Crazy True Stories. Crazy Funny Comics. New videos every Tuesday from Comedy Central and CC: Studios

11/3. Give Me Fiction (A Storytelling Show) @ Lost Weekend Video. 1034 Valencia St. SF. 8PM. $10. Featuring Alison Stevenson, OJ Patterson, Scott Simpson, Caitlin Gill, Natasha Muse, Isaac Fitzgerald and hosted by Ivan Hernandez.

This is the first show I am producing. If you don’t attend, you are effectively dead to me.

Podcast: Snap Judgement w/ Glynn Washington. Episode #420, “Live From Ann Harbor”. “Caitlin Gill ’The Minivan’”. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

A young woman feels trapped in her body, until one day she finds the perfect getaway vehicle.

Performed live at The Power Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan
In partnership with Michigan Radio and The Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Original Music by Alex Mandel
Music Performed by Alex Mandel and the Snap Judgment Players (Tim Frick and David Brandt)
Re-recording Mixer: Pat Mesiti Miller

Produced by Glynn Washington, Mark Ristich, Jeanette Aguilar and Jamie DeWolf

"Smart Like You" by Dhaya Lakshminarayanan (via SnapJudgment)

Previously Secret Information: Joe Klocek’s “Star Wars and Running Away”. Runtime: 48 Minutes