Broad City, my favorite new show/duo/friends, is coming to SF (Great American Music Hall) on 3/28. 


From Philadelphia to Chicago to Austin to Denver to Seattle to LA and so many other places in between and beyond, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City are touring live throughout the U.S. 

As far as comedy tours go these days, that’s pretty extensive and it leaves little reason to not catch one of these shows (i.e. they’re really funny and one of the cities on the tour is probably reasonably close to you)

Moshe Kasher on Why The Idea of Sexual Identity Needs to Catch Up to 2013


The awesome Moshe Kasher (Native) was on The Pete Holmes Show last night and broke down why the traditional ideas of sexual identities, especially in regards to stereotypes need to, as Pete Holmes would say, scram.

Watch the clip here.


W. Kamau Bell is getting set to host his 2nd time on TV with this upcoming WGA East Awards. Let’s keep Kamau going with a 3rd, 4th, and 5th time, and so on. 

Also, in remembering Jonathan Ames hosting last year’s WGA Awards, does the WGA like having hosts who just got their shows cancelled?


Brent Weinbach's hilarious video Gangster Party Line, which has gone viral, uses a real phone number, which so many people call and have left “some shit talkin” voicemails. There are thousands upon thousands of voicemails that they’re going through to highlight the best, some of which are already posted on the site at the link,

On occasion, “someone” will answer the phone and talk some shit like we saw last night at Underbelly, making for one of the funniest things we’ve seen all year.


The Independent Spirit Awards has had quite the decidedly more bold (and often times more fun) choices for host over the years.

John Waters, Sarah Silverman, Steve Coogan, Joel McHale, Seth Rogen, and more have taken the Spirit Awards stage as the host and we can’t wait to see what Patton Oswalt (SF90s) will do in joining their ranks.


The hysterical Dana Gould (#SF80s) has a brand new comedy special 'I Know It's Wrong' that airs tonight on Showtime at 10PM, so set your DVRs/make plans/hijack the remote at whatever bar your at and tell everyone to shut up to watch Dana say brilliantly, undeniably funny things as he does that so very well. 


Finally, Moshe Kasher (Oakland Native) is developing a series for television so we can firstly, see the life of growing up in the Bay Area with deaf Hasidic Jew parents.

See him talk about his childhood here on Conan, then let’s hope this goes to series at Showtime soon to watch a fully actualized version of all that.