Check out the trailer for Willow Creek, a bigfoot found footage horror movie by the irrepressibly talented Bobcat Goldthwait (SF80s)


Courting Sketchfest: 2014 SF Sketchfest (Trailer) [37 Days Left]

[The more names cleverly hovering with realistic drop shadows, the more daunting Sketchfest becomes. By the way, SF Sketchfest should be MANDATORY for any teenage comedy fan in the Bay Area. There should be sweepstakes and scholarships, buses and bodyguards. If I would have known how vibrant the SF comedy scene was growing up, I WOULDN’T HAVE GONE TO COLLEGE!]

Whoopi Goldberg (SF70s) Presents Moms Mabley[Trailer]

[I want to have viewing parties with comedy nerds for this documentary. So many legends talking about THE legend, great archival footage, and an insanely revealing. I love love love this. Find it, check it, spread it.]

Terrified, a new Nerdist podcast hosted by Holy Fuck's Dave Ross, premieres July 10th. Watch this teaser featuring some of our Bay Area favorites. Also, listen to the fucking podcast, because we’re all afraid of being left out on something special.


Preview: The Crazy Ones, new sitcom on CBS starring Bay Area comedy legend, Robin Williams.


‘Maron’ Trailer


(via ifc)

Stepsister. A Film Starring Brent Weinbach, Beth Lisick and Anna Seregina, Directed by Joey Izzo. 

Courting Sketchfest Countdown: “2013 SF Sketchfest Trailer” (aka, the Maelstrom). [34 Days Left]

[When spoken aloud, the line-up for this year’s Sketchfest sounds like a mad plot by the Joker to release organic SmileX]

"#HellaFunny Comedy @ Stage Werx Theater" Trailer