Trash ‘N’ Stache: Mary Van Note ( maryvannote ) and Caitlin Gill

"It’s Abbey Bich [sic]" by Abbey Jordan

Neal on the Road: “Dancing to Ke$ha” by Grant Lyon

[Grant Lyon perfectly personifies that inner voice that we want to die in a fire.]

It Gets Worse Comedy: “Rather Shoot Myself in the Head Than Have a Stupid Fan Base” by Sal Calanni


Papptain’s Log 10 - Good Day to Die Hard (SPOILER ALERT)

watch me give my take on one of my favorite movie franchises of all time “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis as off duty NYPD John McClane. yes there is something seriously wrong with me but im sure its entertaining for you, I hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it.
music: Lil Keis “Swag Talk”

(Source: pappiness)

"3 Tips to Pick Up Women" by Edwin Li. 


I found an old VHS tape in a shoebox on my porch this morning, along with 75 cents in nickels and an empty bottle of something called “Six Hour N-R-G.” Anyway, I uploaded the video - enjoy.


“Couples Talk Ep. 5 - Freebie? Who would you sleep with?” by A Couple of N3rds featuring Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin

"Five Reasons You’re Broke" by Edwin Li

"Sick Ten: Worst Sequels" by Idiot Presents featuring David Wiswell