Mary Van Note’s Pumpkin Penis Tour: Portland w/ Brent Weinbach

The Abbey Jordan Show Episode 6

(The narrow margins of this video makes it seem like the audience is peaking through a closet)

Hanging Out with Sammy Obeid. Hosted by Chris Schiappacasse and Vahe Hova.

The Abbey Jordan Show Episode 5

Juan the Comedian and Chris Duncan hit the streets to find out what comedy people like. 

Abbey Jordan Show: Episode 4


i decided to do the Walk the Plank Comedy Competition at Castagnola’s on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco just to say I did one.

Coree’s sealesque adventure? Note the Janelle Monae in the background. Classy. 

Daryus Monday and Edwin Li discuss sex, relationships, and interracial dating

Abbey Jordan Show: Episode 2 John Mayer

(She makes paper have more humanity than a lot of humans).

The Abbey Jordan Show Episode One

(Every time I see Abbey I like to imagine a tea party between Audrey Tautou’s character in Amelie, Rachel Weisz’ character in The Brother’s Bloom, and Maria Bamford. What they drinking? Yerba Matte of course because it’s my imaginary world and that’s my favorite tea.)