W. Kamau Bell on the View. 

Inside Joke interviews W. Kamau Bell 

"Janine Brito Is Confused" via Totally Biased featuring Janine Brito. 


Extended version of my piece that was on Totally Biased.

PS - I am a gross, flawed human person.

PSS - Sorry, Kate Middleton.


IOW, FX has ordered seven more episodes of the late night comedy series Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell.

“I’m excited to be given the opportunity to continue working with the amazing FX and the brilliant Chris Rock,” said W. Kamau Bell. “We’ll be putting out new episodes, even more Totally Biased than before.”

Chris Rock added, “I’m very excited and looking forward to working with the good people at FX. Please don’t tell Rupert Murdoch.”

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Totally Biased hosted by W. Kamau Bell (FX Thurs 11pm EST)

This late night comedy show tackles racism, microaggressions, and other  political issues that many tend to ignore.

You’re sitting at home with a perm and a hot comb DOING NOTHING.

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Willa Paskin sits down with the Bay’s hero of social satire and political quips to discuss writing Totally Biased, playing to bases, and represented his NorCal roots. 

"Todd Man Out (Extended Scene)" featuring W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito 

Totally Biased - Todd Man Out featuring W. Kamau Bell

W. Kamau Bell on Stop and Frisk Policy in NYC


In NYC, the NYPD has instituted a “stop and frisk” policy, which is exactly what it sounds like as police officers, at their discretion, can stop and frisk citizens they believe to be suspect in some way. 

On his new show Totally Biased, W. Kamau Bell explores how this new tactic to fight crime in NYC is received in Harlem. Hint: even if they got consolation prizes, people, to say the least, aren’t into it. 

Totally Biased is on FX Thursdays at 11PM.

W. Kamau Bell @ MaxFunCon 2012. 

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