The Future w/  Emily Heller ( emilyheller, native ) featuring Tim Meadows. [via aboveaverage]

This is what Palo Alto breeds.



Think X with Shelby Fero. I’m currently convincing Mallory Ortberg to retroactively be Shelby’s sister.

I’m a living walking piece of garbage


"It’s Abbey Bich [sic]" by Abbey Jordan

Neal on the Road: “Dancing to Ke$ha” by Grant Lyon

[Grant Lyon perfectly personifies that inner voice that we want to die in a fire.]

Neal on the Road: Hide and Seek Without the Seek” by Grant Lyon

[I’m vicariously living my loneliness through this webseries]

Neal On the Road, a new web series by #SF00s’ Grant Lyon, awkwardly indulging in hotel room revelry. New episodes every Monday.

Sketch Sunday: The Sirofs of Santa Monica. Episode 5. Featuring Jacob Sirof, Sherry Sirof, Brent Weinbach, Jon Blitt, and Nate Cohen