Epic Tiki’s Tiki Talk Talk Show - Episode 12 - Jesse Fernandez! Hosted by Luke Soim.

[I’m just going to start posting these because they’re funny, naturalistic, local and weirdly appropriates Hawaiian culture.]

Podcast: RTDOK #199 Marcella Arguello (#SF00s). Hosted by Steve Hernandez, Deborah Etta Robinson and Scott Luhrs. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

Podcast: Too Soon w/ Stephanie Mickus. Episode 31. Marcella Arguello (Native). Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Stitcher: Here

Stephanie sits down with comedian and all-around amazing woman Marcella Arguello. Marcella opens up about her father’s recent death and how she handled it both personally and publically. We talk about how comedy has healing powers, how love is hard, and how Michael Jackson is The King of Pop. 

Comedian Ngaio Bealum joins us to discuss early days in the San Francisco comedy scene, one nighters in Montana, Comedy Competitions, and weed.

[This is so dope. I’d just love to see a retcon sitcom where teenage Ngaio and Margaret are running through SF as feral teenagers on drugs and culture.]

imagePodcast: It’s Funny Because with Keith Lowell Jensen and Nick Brunner.  ”Episode 15: THE HYPE! with Caitlin Gill & Jaime Fernandez”. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

It’s been a long time coming. Caitlin Gill finally sits down and lives up to the hype that’s preceeded her, lo these 15 podcasts previous. Find out why comics are always citing her on THIS VERY PODCAST.  Among the topics, holy shit, this happened…

Not to be outdone, Jamie Fernandez is in the Living Room. She and Caitling talk about booking rooms with Keith interrupting to brag about his puns.

A Time to Shill

Oh, Gentle Podcast Listener! What do Patton Oswalt, Dylan Brody, Jackie Kashian, Will Durst, Dana Gould, Melinda Hill, Kyle Kinane, Danny Lobell, Tom Rhodes, Marc Maron and more have in common?* They each have releases from Stand Up! Records.
Support the label that supports It’s Funny Because. Stand Up! Records
*and of course they’re all very funny, but you knew that.

[NEW FAVORITE THING ALERT! I’ll admit I’ve been sleeping on this podcast. I heard the rumbles but didn’t come running—shameful due to how much KLJ I’ve consumed and appreciated. Never unimagined, this show is a departure from the typical “white people chatting” podcast fodder, featuring pre-recorded stand-up from the guest before being asked, “that’s funny because…?” This is the episode to listen to: a loving presentation of the everawesome Caitlin Gill, a benchmark of her ascension, and an introduction—at least for yours truly—of the very funny Jaime Fernandez. Bonus: pictures of comedians with Norm, the podcast’s recurring cat.]

Podcast: The JV Club w/ Janet Varney (SF00s). Episode 104. Aisha Tyler. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Website: Here

It’s a deep-delving discussion of ethics and morality (science fiction nerds welcome!) with the inimitable Aisha Tyler (SF Native), otherwise known as a video gaming champ of her local laundromat. Plus: enough rad book recommendations to last you for weeks!

Inside Joke interviews Bobby Slayton #SF80 (via watchinsidejoke)

Getting Doug With High by Doug Benson featuring Ngaio Bealum (Native). Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here

[Great interview between Anthony Bedard and Sean Keane as Keane gears up for a the major, major transition from SF to LA.]