promotional image for marcella arguello: bitch, grow up! HBO special

Watch Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up! on Max

Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up! begins with an ode to longevity and ends with an introspective, cathartic conversation across time and space. In the middle, rapturous observational comedy about the pandemic, relationships, and introspection rests on a bed of classic bits. For long-time admirers, Arguello’s kinetic, conversational, rockstar bravado is a natural fit projected on …

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Irene Tu Just Getting Started with Debut Album “We’re Done Now”

Bay Area comedy heads know Irene Tu from her swift and ceremonious rise to prominence in the 2010s. Between Starline Comedy, Man Haters and stages across bridges and BART, Irene was a favorite for her moxie and her unique flavor. She’s since moved to Los Angeles, opened for the likes of Patton Oswalt and W …

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DolemIte is His Name

On the Ultra-Black, Ultra-Funny “Dolemite is My Name”

Dolemite is my Name is one of the best times at the movies, currently available on your couch. Funniest movie of the year? Could be! Worthy Oscar contender? You betcha. Return of Eddie Murphy? He never left! The movie centers on the middle-aged, luckless, low-level entertainer Rudy Ray Moore (Murphy), who saw untapped potential within …

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sad emoji

Depression Comedy

Depression comedy is comedy about depression. Depressive episode is one of the hardest things to experience. Can depression comedy help?

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Swimming Pool

All Black Comedy Pool Party

Last week there was a pool party in Los Angeles explicitly for black comedy folk. As a means to foster a focus, we were discouraged from bringing non-black friends, significant others or plus ones. The result was a cathartic, emotional release for something I’ve never had and didn’t know I was missing. It’s amazing how …

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