promotional image for marcella arguello: bitch, grow up! HBO special

Watch Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up! on Max

Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up! begins with an ode to longevity and ends with an introspective, cathartic conversation across time and space. In the middle, rapturous observational comedy about the pandemic, relationships, and introspection rests on a bed of classic bits. For long-time admirers, Arguello’s kinetic, conversational, rockstar bravado is a natural fit projected on …

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Sal Calanni Little Dago

Sal Calanni To Release Second Album

Sal Calanni had nothing to do with LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals. But for a Clevelander with a long tenure in San Francisco, it had to be sweet. I wanted to contact Sal Calanni the minute Cleveland broke through the glass ceiling of sports legitimacy. I didn’t. …

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Homecoming King Hasan Minhaj

Hella Juiced: Hometown Hero Hasan Minhaj’s “Homecoming King” Lands at Netflix

According to Deadline, Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King is set for a forthcoming Netflix release. Rave reviews and sold out shows made Hasan Minhaj’s a hot ticket last year. Audiences described emotional responses to Minhaj’s true life experiences growing up as a first generation Indian America. Its excerpts or inspired discussions about interracial dating or bullying …

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david gborie on conan

Watch David Gborie on Conan This Tuesday

David Gborie will be performing stand-up comedy on TBS’ Conan this coming Tuesday (12/20). This is excellent and exciting news. In its many incarnations, the late night talk show helmed by Conan O’Brien has championed stand-up. Big, small, rising, established, legendary twists on the form, breaking brand new talent, and everything else in between. There’s something magical about …

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Talk Show The Game Show

TruTV Orders Guy Branum’s “Talk Show the Game Show”, We Speculate

Horray for Guy Branum! Boo every other site for simply copying and pasting this press release. Sure, there’s little information to go on. We haven’t received an air date, set design or promotional materials. Fine. But Guy Branum deserves more. He, and Talk Show the Game Show, is enough to go on. Completely Unique It’s is …

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Grab Some Fresh Cholofit Gear Or Like Whatever

Do you lift? Do you laugh? Do you replenish with energy tamales? Then you should already know about Creeper and Cholofit, the sketch comedy/wellness plan/Halloween costume phenomenon from Frankie Quinones, The Funny Drop and Más Major.     You now can come correct and with tees, crews, shorts, cups and totes at the official Cholofit …

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Mo'Nique Tommy T's

Mo’Nique Adds Show to Tommy T’s This Weekend

Mo’Nique, Oscar-winning comedian and the best part of “Beerfest”, is in town November 25th and November 26th at Tommy T’s in Pleasanton. Due to popular demand there’s been a 11:45pm added on Saturday for the night owls. Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most brilliant comedians in our lifetime.  

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SF Sketchfest Returns, Tickets on Sale Tomorrow!

Once a year San Franciscans open their hearts, and their pockets, for a one-of-a-kind, can’t miss showcase of the world’s best entertainers in ways they’ll never be again. You’look never see another Reggidency — a four night Reggie Watts experience incorporating luminaries from comedy and music and onomatopoeia alike. You’ll never see the numerous storytelling …

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