Readers’ Choice: Best of SFComedy in 2015: Stand-Up.

In addition to spotlighting whom the SF comedy community’s tastesmakers collectively revered as “Best Stand-Up Comedians of 2015″, we’ve also organized a reader’s ballots with a variety of categories. Some straightforward, some subjective, all in good fun. A lot of joke answers, self-voting and spam, but it’s to be expected with readers of Courting Comedy.  Thanks everybody for voting. Check out what 72 people with unique Google accounts had to say!


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Best Open Mic: Penelope’s (Wednesdays).

Runner Up: Brainwash Cafe (Thursdays).
Weirdest Answer: “Punchline”. Never in my life has the San Francisco Punch Line had a open mic night. Maybe they mean “punchline” as in “insert end of joke”, which is a bit too early to get meta.

Best Weekly Show: Mission Position.

Runner Up: San Francisco Punch Line Sunday Showcase.
Weirdest Answer: “my mom”. This marks a pattern of irreverence.

Best Monthly Show: Hand to Mouth.

Runner Up: (Tie) Ladies Love the Layover and It’s Just Two Minutes.
Weirdest Answer: Shit Talk. Not for any reason other than it’s a funny name for a show, especially out of context.


Best Host: Tony Sparks.

Runner Up: Pam Benjamin.
Weirdest Answer: OJ Patterson (ret.) Specifically the “ret.” condition. If this was “best retired host” tho…

Best Venue: Lost Weekend Video/Cine Cave.

Runner Up: San Francisco Punch Line.
Weirdest Answer: “my mom’s vagina”. This guy again…

Best Comedian to Open a Show: Joe Gorman.

Runner Up: (Tie) Ben Kolina and Kaseem Bentley.
Weirdest Answer: Sammy Obeid. I guess any great comedian is “best to open shows” but what circumstances would you need to have a headliner-caliber comedian with TV credits first on a show?

Best Comedian to Close A Show: (Tie) Matt Lieb and Kaseem Bentley.

Best One-Liner Comedian: Christopher John.

Runner Up: Land Smith.
Weirdest Answer: “Meow”. Right back at you.


(photo courtesy of Scott Simpson)

Best Riffer: Kaseem Bentley.

Runner Up: Juan Medina.
Weirdest Answer: Local comedian Todd Barry? What? Did you panic?

Best Storyteller: (Tie) Jessica Sele and Kate Willett.

Runner Up: Steve Poggi.
Weirdest Answer: Imran G. and Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, because they’ve been recognized as really good by storytelling institutions and the voters were like “Naw”.

Musical Comedy: MooreDevine.

Runner Up: DJ REAL.
Weirdest Answer: Walker Glenn. I didn’t know Walker played music. That guy wears a lot of hats.

Best Comedian When They’re Bombing: (Tie) Mark Smalls, Jessica Sele, Christopher John, Cameron Vannini, Charles Hoffa Kelly.

Weirdest Answer: “Hitler”. Really only a matter of time before somebody answered with this.

Most Likely to Thrive At Dorsey’s Locker: Charles Hoffa Kelly.

Weirdest Answer: “Nobody, Dorsey’s dead”. Sad, blunt.

Best Absurdist: DJ REAL.

Runner Up: (Tie) Land Smith, Scott Vermiere.
Weirdest Answer: “That old guy that goes to all the shows at Milk Bar.” Oddly specific for someone I’ve never encountered.

Best Comedian to Have Moved Away in the Last Year: (Tie) Johan Miranda, David Gborie.

Weirdest Answer: “Who cares? They moved”. COLD BLOODED!

Best Defunct Institution: La Rocca’s Corner’s Open Mic.

Runner Up: The Business (SF)


(photo courtesy of Red Scott)

Best Joke: Torio’s God joke.

Rookie of the Year: Audrey Crescenti.

Runner Up: Ashton Tate.
Weirdest Answer: “My cat (don’t ask).” I won’t!

Best Laugher in the Room (aka the OJ Patterson Laughter Memorial Award): Molly Sanchez

Runner Up: OJ Patterson.
Weirdest Answer: “What does this even mean?”

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