Sketch Saturday: Bob Bondle Motors: A Handshake for Every Customer! by Cake Fight. Featuring David Cairns

Sketch Saturday: “My Video Resume” by ACoupleofN3rds. Featuring Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin

Sketch Saturday: “Interface: The Ezra Green Story” by Miles K and Greg Armstrong. Cameo by Griffin Daley. 

Sketch Saturday: “Wrong Pipe” by Brent Weinbach. Featuring Brent Weinbach and Laura Weinbach

Sketch Saturday: “Just Hold On, Scandal’s On (Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home Parody)” by Will Hatcher (#SF00s)

Sketch Saturday: “Forsaken” by DJ REAL. 


DJ REAL - Forsaken (2009)
Check out DJ REAL’s ad for Myspace and bask in the glory of true love.

Sketch Saturday: “We’re Replacing Moshe” by Boomtime Comedy )(Brent Weinbach, Alex Koll, Moshe Kasher). Featuring Janeane Garofalo, Michael Ian Black, Todd Barry Jonathan Coulton, Doug Benson, Fred Armisen, Kristen Schaal, Anthony Jeselnik. 

Sketch Saturday: Charles, Your Hangover: Part 1: Teacher w/ ft. Lauren Lapkus by Two Trick Pony Productions (via aboveaverage)

Sketch Saturday: “iTalkers” by jericho! Comedy

Sketch Saturday: David Gets Mad High by David Gborie and Andrew Moore