Laurie Kilmartin (Native) Taping a Comedy Special Entitled “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad”


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"It’s hard to lose a parent. It’s even harder if you were hoping to lose the other parent first. [beat] If you were my brother, you’d be giving me a standing ovation, ‘Finally somebody said it.’"

— Laurie Kilmartin @ Cynic Cave 2-Year Anniversary/Lost Weekend Video [Paraphrase]


Laurie Kilmartin. Bossanova Ballroom. Bridgetown Festival. 04/09/14. Photo by Jason Traeger.

Podcast: WTF w/ Marc Maron. Episode 472. Featuring Laurie Kilmartin. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here.

Comedian Laurie Kilmartin (Native) writes dozens of jokes daily for Conan O’Brien, but she has no problem jumping into some serious material in the garage with Marc. Laurie discusses her struggles with an eating disorder, her transition from a road comic to a steady television writer, and the challenges of a single mom working in show business.

[One of my favorite podcasts ever. Extremely personal and necessary. Tons of Bay references and a great prelude to the transcendent Twitter activity from Laurie earlier this year. Catch this one before it goes into the archives.]

Laurie Kilmartin is an inspiration.


Comedian laurie kilmartin is tweeting about caring for her dying father. It is awesome.


Laurie Kilmartin. Midnight Mass. Funhouse Lounge. 12/28/13. Photo by Jason Traeger.

Laurie Kilmartin Riffing on the San Francisco Bay Area @ Rooster T Feathers ( roostertfeathers

Fifth Annual Not Your Normal New Years Eve Pre-Sale Tickets Now Available featuring Brent Weinbach, Laurie Kilmartin, Jill Bourque, Brian Copeland and more.

Podcast: Who The Eff is Sal Calanni. Episode 145 w/ Sal Calanni, Laurie Kilmartin. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Laurie Kilmartin joins the podcast.  We discuss hustling in New York, performing at Guantanomo Bay, being a finalist on Last Comic Standing, writing for Conan, and her NY Times Best Selling book, Sh*tty Mom.

"Five Minutes to Myself" by Laurie Kilmartin. Album: Five Minutes to Myself. Year: 2009. Recorded Live at the San Francisco Punch Line.

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