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Depression Comedy

Depression comedy is comedy about depression. Depressive episode is one of the hardest things to experience. Can depression comedy help?

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Petaluma’s Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival This Weekend!

Petaluma is gearing up for its inaugural Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival occurring Thursday, August 16th to Saturday, August 18. A little bit up the US-101 from San Francisco, the North Bay town is a gem for restaurants, wine, beer, and now, comedy. Pet-A-Llama will host Brian Posehn (The Sarah Silverman Program), the Sklar Brothers (Comedy Central), …

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Some People Like Us

LA: We Really Like “Some People Like Us”, Wednesday, July 25th

Since moving down the I-5, I’m always sweating to find cool comedy on these hot Los Angeles nights. Kaseem Bentley and Casey Ley are some of the coolest comedians around. Individually, Kaseem is a primo insult comedian that will roast you with big smile on his face and Casey is an ambitious, smart, witty and …

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Swimming Pool

All Black Comedy Pool Party

Last week there was a pool party in Los Angeles explicitly for black comedy folk. As a means to foster a focus, we were discouraged from bringing non-black friends, significant others or plus ones. The result was a cathartic, emotional release for something I’ve never had and didn’t know I was missing. It’s amazing how …

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No Big Deal Comedy Show

LA: No Big Deal Comedy Show Debuts 9/7 @ Lyric Hyperion

No Big Deal: the world’s funniest talent, one of comedy’s best producers, every first Thursday in Silverlake. Simple. Fun.

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Word Origami George Chen

George Chen Spits His Velvet Underground With “Word Origami”

George Chen Is a Natural I’m not even sure George Chen wants you to buy his new album Word Origami. I mean, he definitely does. He’s an emerging comedian (i.e. broke). He’ll surely appreciate your contributions to his gas tank or pantry. It’s just that George is so smooth with it! There’s no schlocky, showbiz …

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Sketch Saturday: Throw A Few Bucks to Nick Stargu’s Prosthetic “Longfingers”

What do you value in your art? How do you value artists? How new and brilliant do things need to be before you say, “hey, I got to get in on this?” Do you appreciate practical effects? Do you have a buck right now? How about $5000? Have you heard Nick Stargu?   Nick Stargu, an absurdist singer-songwriter …

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