Podcast: RTDOK #199 Marcella Arguello (#SF00s). Hosted by Steve Hernandez, Deborah Etta Robinson and Scott Luhrs. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here.

Podcast: Tales From the Swan Hotel. “Room 315: ‘A Showgirl’s Tomb’”. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here.


The tearful tale of Las Vegas’s “Lady of the Water” Gabriella Vines whose life spins out of control when she marries mobster Jimmy Nicoletti.

With Jane Harrison as Gabriella Vines, Jason Dove as Jimmy Nicoletti, Scott Simpson as Tom Newman, Bucky Sinister as Doc Kessler, Joe Tobin as Scoop and Alex Koll as The Writer. 

Featuring additional voice talents of Nick Palm, Jesse Hett, Aviva Siegel, Josh Marcus, Allison Mick, Nicole Calasich, Ivan Hernandez and Ron Chapman as the voice of The Swan Hotel. 

Original musical theme by Nick Stargu with artwork by Justin DeVine 

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Podcast: Lady to Lady. EP. 82 “Fart Cycle” ft. Marcella Arguello (Native) and Doug Mellard. Hosted by Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey and Tess Barker. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here. Presented by MaximumFun

Marcella Arguello (@marcellacomedy) joins the ladies to discuss Johnny Depp, dick shadows, tattoos, men who wear make up, the whitest things and more! Then, Doug Mellard (@DougMellard) talks about his near death experiences, holy shit. Produced by David Janove, theme song by Zach Ames.



Podcast: The Shade of it All “Episode 11: Paris Is Burning” with Janine BritoAlex Koll and Katie Compa. Special Guest: Christian Cintron. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here


EPISODE 11: Paris Is Burning

This week continues our “Summer Tuckin’” series with one of the most important movies in the drag canon: the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning.  Guest Christian Cintron returns to explore the heavy personal and political themes of the film with us, while still finding time to discuss the “Occupy Backrolls” movement, Dude Zumba and drop some mind-blowing post-filming secrets! - (music: http://www.bensound.com)

This episode features live audio from our inaugural Scene Missing San Francisco show: “The Films of Jeff Goldblum!”

Join hosts Casey Childers and Lauren Traetto as they showcase six of the Bay’s greatest writers and comedians performing essays and stand-up inspired by Jeff “life, uh, finds a way” Goldblum!

Featuring performances by Alani Foxall, Sarah Griffin, Tim Toaster Henderson, Ivan Hernandez, Nate Waggoner, and Scott Simpson!

NOTE: Scott Simpson’s performance included a multimedia component, click here to download a PDF of his presentation and follow along.

Podcast: Too Soon w/ Stephanie Mickus. Episode 31. Marcella Arguello (Native). Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Stitcher: Here

Stephanie sits down with comedian and all-around amazing woman Marcella Arguello. Marcella opens up about her father’s recent death and how she handled it both personally and publically. We talk about how comedy has healing powers, how love is hard, and how Michael Jackson is The King of Pop. 

[One of my finest collaborations.]

Comedian Ngaio Bealum joins us to discuss early days in the San Francisco comedy scene, one nighters in Montana, Comedy Competitions, and weed.

[This is so dope. I’d just love to see a retcon sitcom where teenage Ngaio and Margaret are running through SF as feral teenagers on drugs and culture.]

Podcast: The Dork Forest w/ Jackie Kashian. Episode 228 Live w/ W. Kamau BellDownload Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell on twitter) and wkamaubell.com is a great comic and a fine advocate for the movie Rocky 2. So great an episode. Then we weed off into the world of Bruce Lee. You will enjoy. ADRIENNNNNNEEE! This month our sponsor is MY SISTER!!! Financial Advisor, helper Magoo Darla Kashian! www.darlakashian.com She reads HER OWN AD. Heh. Enjoy that.
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