Sketch Sunday: “Mind Jack” by Brent Weinbach

What was thought to be a one-time sleight of handjob has instantly become the most Brentweinbachian set-up/punchline delivery to a rote comedy trope. Comedy is the easiest solution to the problem of magic. The mysticism, overly-serious showmanship, pageantry, and invasive, elaborate ruses can be instantly and perennially mocked by just fucking up, or fucking somebody up, or noticing there’s no good response to it, or a litany of other derisive deconstructions. Hell, even the droll, moody, “real” street magic icons like Criss Angel and David Blaine have already gotten their goat gotten (sometimes in mid-exhibition).



Enter Brent. As a brilliant stand-up comedian and social experiment curator, Brent has always committed to a grotesque imagination that contrasts with his unassuming boyishness. It’s a potent combination. Roasted vegetables drizzled with nightmare sauce. A flourish of pomp that belies filth. Saccharine-hearted urbanism that’s problematic and nuanced. He’s always been a illusionist in that way.


Mind Jack is a hilarious puzzle with Magic Eye macguffins, a game of gross out tension. You know what’s going to happen—kinda—yet, the where surprises and the why alludes. Additionally, it’s wild to think of a world where not only are people okay with what could be construed as sexual harassment, many seem to invite it. It’s a mind blowing premise, expertly executed, available now at Super Deluxe.


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