Check out Mike Brown’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”: Smart, Funny Web Series Comedy Out Of NYC

Mike Brown has spent a minute or two in the Bay Area, a Sketchfest alumnus and associate of Jabari Davis. In that time I became a fast fan of his style, his substance, his wry, yet inviting humor with underlining consciousness. Clever, fun, poised: he’s funny in the ways you want, in a way you didn’t know you wanted.


Over the years I’ve looked forward to Mike’s output, onstage and off, including but not limited to, his comedy outfit Decepticomics, his podcast Comedy Outliers and acting in the web series Clench and Release. Brown’s latest project Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop gives a snapshot of his New York, a socially cumbersome environment for somebody who wants no problems. As passive as Mike tries to be to get along, there’s always conflict around the corner.


Premiere episode, “The List” presents a uniquely Black worry: what happens when you give a white friend a pass and the hall monitors show up? Well… let’s just say Mike’s character Sean handles it the best he could. If the debut is indicative of the whole, you can expect shrewd angles on slice-of-life NYC, madcap characters, quick, clever writing—”that’s the most racist face I’ve ever seen!“—slick production and a whole lot of back peddling (in that characteristically affable Mike Brown way).



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