Hella Juiced: Hometown Hero Hasan Minhaj’s “Homecoming King” Lands at Netflix

According to Deadline, Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King is set for a forthcoming Netflix release. Rave reviews and sold out shows made Hasan Minhaj’s a hot ticket last year. Audiences described emotional responses to Minhaj’s true life experiences growing up as a first generation Indian America. Its excerpts or inspired discussions about interracial dating or bullying are heartbreaking and alarming and reflective of explicit and implicit modern sentiment.


Hasan Minhaj has captured our attention and applause for years, in standup, podcasts, web videos, and ultimately with his work on and around the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and then with Trevor Noah. The Sacramento area native’s known for impassioned insight, and a powerful grasp of theme and diction, elevating anger or angst into art. It’s why telling the Hill he’ll “keep them in his prayers” is as beautiful as it’s scathing. Also, why his video on Ashton Kutcher’s racist Pop Chip commercial is the most potent and shareable clip to destroy any arguments for brownface or whitewashing. This is all to say “Homecoming King” is going to be f’n dope. Necessary and poignant in our social political nightmare, sure. But dope, dooooooope!


“Homecoming King” follows Netflix recent releases like Colin Quinn’s The New York Story or Neal Brennan’s 3 Mics, specials atypical to standard stand-up or the comedians’ typical material. These shows, with sizable budgets and technical design, have been previously exclusive only to in-the-know, economically-bountiful theatergoers. Netflix has the cash and reach to expand that audience, thankfully for proles like me. Let’s hope it’s here sooner than later.


Illustration by Sam Spratt

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