Sketch Saturday: SF Comedians Prank People Just Trying To Do Their Jobs

Ah, the guerrilla sketch. When ordinary citizens and the production values of the outside world are incorporated in some kind of farce. At its height a good guerrilla is the epitome of schedenfreude, “what I woulda done” comments on Facebook shares, and pixelated faces. At its worst, the gotcha awkwardness is turned against the viewer, shamefulness attaching ache to their very soul. Still, every guerrilla still has a chance for priceless reactions and stranger than fiction interactions.



That’s what you get (and then some) with this sketch from Ashton Tate and company prank salespeople in “Couples Who Don’t Trust Each Other”. As the title suggests, alarmingly jealous lovers, played by Ashton Tate and Ruby Gill, shout accusations in the midst of a seemingly innocuous transaction. Instead of relying on either mark ass civilian to intervene in the absurdity, the comics escalate the situation to unexpected (and very funny) results.


Watch for: Ruby Gill’s impeccable eye rolls, the real estate agent’s delightful surprise, an allusion to my favorite NBC miniseries.

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