Alice Wetterlund and Nato Green Are Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions

What’s the deal with reproductive rights? Well, a lot. Many of the opponents of said rights have worked tirelessly to make a lot of human beings—with God-given agency—bend backwards and flip through hoops to simply live their life. It’s a very serious and persistent social issue, one not for a lot of levity, but this is an exception.


Lampooning the famously benign, humble-bragging, car-porn Jerry “Comedian” Seinfeld webseries, comedian Alice Wetterlund is trying to get an abortion. Why? Because she fucking wants to. Nato Green, also a comedian, is trying to film his web series (and show off that sweet, candy-red Prius). Throughout the process they’re met with roadblocks from stymying misformation, batshit conspiracies, bad laws, worse policies and infuriating realities.


The tone and style is pitch-perfect to the source material and the overall message doesn’t hit you over the head. Great, punchy writing throughout. Alice plays exasperation exceptionally well. An un-wizardly Alex Koll and Nato’s Seinfeldisms are my favorite touches. Check it below and get learned up at



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