Watch David Gborie on Conan This Tuesday

David Gborie will be performing stand-up comedy on TBS’ Conan this coming Tuesday (12/20). This is excellent and exciting news. In its many incarnations, the late night talk show helmed by Conan O’Brien has championed stand-up. Big, small, rising, established, legendary twists on the form, breaking brand new talent, and everything else in between. There’s something magical about Stage 15 (or wherever Conan has broadcasted from).


There’s something magical about David Gborie as well. He’s impossibly charming. Since starting comedy in 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Colorado native has infused a bombastic tone, an affable accessibility, unique perspective, noteable register, hard work, great writing, good times and a certain “it”. “It” was evident in contrast to a shyness at the Brainwash and Nick’s Crispy Tacos open mics. “It” was there in Sylvan Productions and The Business. “It” was obvious as his talent and skill manifested and he climed the comedy hierarchy. “It” makes it hard to quantify “why”, “it” makes my job hard to describe the “what”. “It” means anything could happen, and, if it doesn’t, it’s going to be alright. “It” is when everyone of a certain time associates San Francisco with a certain hilarious charisma, “it” is the sign post and lighthouse and landmark.


A personal excitement exists somewhere in familiarity and unknowing. Gborie, in close proximity or after a lull, always has something new, brilliant. There are classics, sure—”fuck you, Linda”—but they never last in the repertoire. He’s beyond prolific, he’s self-perpetuating. I’ve often heard Gborie say something fully and funnily formed, minutes or hours or days or months of work, what have become some of my favorite jokes ever, once and only once. I’ve laughed the hardest I’ve ever laughed at his off-stage riffs. How much of that promise and potential can be captured? How David Gborie will he be? Will America be introduced to surly pop culture commentary, a wisen pragmatism or an eye-opening anecdote?


We’ll see soon. Tuesday should be great. I imagine the appearence will be another highlight in Gborie’s ascension. Whatever happens, as proud as I am of my friend, I’m more excited to see one of my favorite comedians, one my favorite voices, one of my favorite minds. I’m looking forward to “it”.

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