Hearty Food and Belly Laughs With Eric Dadourian This Sunday!


Doc’s Lab, one of the Bay’s premiere spots for comedy, music, and everything in between, welcomes the ever-unique Eric Dadourian with Just Yolking: A Comedy Brunch featuring the savory sides of Natasha Muse, Krista Fatka and David Roth


Affectionally referred to as Daddy Dadourian (I think I’m the only person that calls him that), this whirlwind of magnetism has delighted yours truly from afar for quite a while. I’ve seen him freely associate a lingering abstraction in a performance boasting “Fuck Lions”. I heard him get weepy on the Holy Fuck compilation. I’ve seen him tell tales of San Francisco at the Punch. I’ve had him compliment my dancing. His twitter is one of my favorites. His stand-up sounds like my brain feels. I’m 100% in love with Eric Dadourian in every shape and fashion. I also love food.


Doc’s Lab employs full service from upstair’s Doc Rickett’s. Sandwiches, salads, and hella good cocktails makes for a holistic sensory overload when paired with stand-up’s saucy silliness. It’s a lazy Sunday dream to be stuffed with food and chocked funny, and, with help from SF comedy outfit Festa Comedy Night (er, Day), you get to indulge in two of my favorite things!



I chatted with Eric about his dealings in food and funny



Courting Comedy: Have you ever done a comedy brunch before? Do you have any hot takes on food?

Eric Dadourian: This will be my first time doing a comedy brunch. I’m very excited because I do have a lot of hot takes on food. I love eating good food [and] drinking good drinks with good people.


CC: Have you worked in the food industry before? What’s your tip for being a better customer to workers in the service industry?

Dadourian: Boy oh boy have I ever worked in the service industry; still am in fact. Working in restaurants has been my main source of income for going on 16 years now, since way back when I was in high school, and throughout the years I have developed many theories on customer/staff relations. What I would tell customers is that if you are genuinely nice to the staff you can get whatever you want.


CC: I’ve seen you be super loosey-goosey onstage before, a little abstract? I’ve seen you be down to earth, observational? Which style of comedy are you leaning towards now? Does it change when you do longer sets? What can people expect at these shows? 

Dadourian: To be completely honest I’m not really sure what it is I do on stage beyond trying to be fully engaged with the audience at all times. I let the moment guide me.


If brunch isn’t your speed, weirdo, see Eric headline the Festa Comedy Night One Year Anniversary Show! 12/13/2015. 7pm. $15. Festa Lounge. 1825A Post St. San Francisco.


(Source: ticketfly.com)

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