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A couple of days ago, in honor of my “Going Steady With The Blog” perk (get well soon Josh!), I witnessed the People’s Non-Binding Arbitration. So Fun! This edition featured pretty chippy trial arguing for and against musicals, dramatized by improvisational comedy, by the one and only @uqaqua.



Jesse Hett argued against musicals because they killed his father. Their testimony purported that Hett wasn’t entirely against singing and dancing, as evident by his love of the “Highway to the Danger Zone” scene from Top Gun, but rather irked by musical’s unexplained synchronistic synergy. Brandon Garner argued that musicals were the best because “they are a reflection of society”. That’s it. If you disagreed, in Garner’s eye, you were a “fool”. When asked about problematic representations, or abusive authors, the defendant merely tried to pander, equating a dislike of musicals to a dislike of the LGBT community. Goddamnit, Brandon.



UQAQUA were remarkably deft in their musicality, playful with showtunes’ tropes and language, dramatically pausing to look at the spotlights, snapping in unison. A nice thread developed though the absurdity of gambling on Off Broadway, a chorus bullying people with encroaching chants, and melodramatic deaths underneath “White Christmas”.



People’s Non-Binding Arbitration, like most improv shows, are a blur. Hard to keep track of, let alone recap. I had the added handicap of volunteering as “sketch artist”, graphing the stage in real time. It’s was the second best thing to writing notes, second only as it’s harder to do and I feared being judged. [Crippling self doubt, yay!] But people liked them! Yay!



“Courtroom Sketch Artist” was new to me, a genius addition to the overall theme of “comedy court”. The show is constantly reinventing itself with these little flourishes, adding freshness to the boundless spontaneity of improv comedy, (and adding to our delight as make-believe jurors, witnesses, unruly mob). I can’t wait to see what they incorporate next.


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