Watch Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up! on Max

Marcella Arguello: Bitch, Grow Up! begins with an ode to longevity and ends with an introspective, cathartic conversation across time and space. In the middle, rapturous observational comedy about the pandemic, relationships, and introspection rests on a bed of classic bits. For long-time admirers, Arguello’s kinetic, conversational, rockstar bravado is a natural fit projected on a worldwide platform. For newcomers, the comic’s fervor and fabulous ferocity comes quickly into focus.

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This is hella late, I know. …Grow Up! debuted in February 2023. I’ve seen it nearly a half dozen times. If you’re a tried and true comedy fan, the special being available isn’t news. But I wanted it documented here for posterity, to reflect a personal truth and an honest belief, that …Grow Up! is really great. Well worth you jumping through the hoops of streaming television (however you get it, no judgement).

Marcella Arguello, a strong stand-up that’s spontaneous, flippant, and sardonic when playing with the form, puts more care and flair in 30 minutes than many do in an hour. The special is a singular, fascinating snapshot of an artist’s ascension, of her meeting the moment to make it her own, with something to say about our modern quagmire without being determined to dominate the conversation. If the future is as clear-eyed and crackling as …Grow Up!, where Marcella goes next—as a performer and creator—and where we go ultimately—as an audience and a people—will be more than fine. There’ll be nonsense to deal with but also things to celebrate. And that’s all anybody can ask for.

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