Sketch Saturday: “What Do YOU Remember About the ‘90s?” by Blessed.

Birthed in 1988, my cognition didn’t really kick in until 1995. Even then, growing old, alcoholism, and repressed memories have rendered the last hurray of the 20th Century an ambiguous mess.


I remember more about the “I Love the” series than I remember about my own childhood. And, outside of cartoons and learning that I was annoying, I remember very little of the 1990s. In fact, VH1 could have told me that Michael Jordan was Bill Clinton’s mistress and I would have believed them. Also, that Michael Ian Black was something else, huh.



Seems to be the same for comedians Clare O’Kane, Megan Koester and Alison Stevenson, collectively known as Blessed, whom, as this sketch reports, remember the 90′s as a time of dead twins, tortured military veterans and Pogs. It’s a roulette of talking heads and bygone trends in an onslaught of ironic, effacing starkness. Captions and credits like “Ride or Die Bitch” and “Dumped By A Rollerblader”, overt references to Scientology, a disturbing, yet convincing, cry-while-laughing-or-eating Alison, Josh Androsky portraying D-Buzz, a Jerky Boys, Capri Sun comedian/nightmare, Clickbait, smash-cutting Youtube annotations and the auspicious presence of “Former Podcaster” Jake Fogelnest leaves no second unfiltered or unfettered. Enjoy!


What do you remember about the 90s (or, inversely, what do you wish you could forget)?

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