12/5. Super Trashed Bros. Smash Brothers Tournament

One part nerd, one part slurred, Super Trashed Bros brings together comedy, video games and alcohol at a super rad bar in San Francisco. Join comedians Justin Gomes (Sylvan Productions) and Tirumari Jothi, as well as streamer Derek Lipkin and a panel of merrymakers as they virtually battle amongst themselves while physically battling inebriation. Audience participation is essential as a live crowd and online viewers—from the streaming platform Twitch—suggest new rules and new gags. Power-up, throw down and push buttons (in more ways than one)!

This show is a tournament. Drinking jaRules apply!

Also, if you’re not good at video games, you can still win an #Amiibo (the GoodsportsMiibo) for people who cheer the loudest, jeer the funniest, support others, and have the best time. We’re so generous.

TOURNEY FORMAT: 2-Stock, Items On (Low), Double Elimination (meaning: the fights will be fast and losing in the first fight means you still have a chance!)

In order to participate in the tournament, sign up on Challonge! You can also show up early and get in the tournament, but spots are limited! Note: Early sign-up = higher seeding in bracket = better chance at winning!





Who: Justin Gomes, Tirumari Jothi, and Derek Lipkin
Where: 1548 California St San Francisco, CA 94109
Cost: Free
Age: 21+

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