Maniac Bowl Comedy

11/25. Maniac Bowl Black Friday

Maniac Bowl is a comedy show that takes a light, silly look at the dark and twisted. (Enter promo code “itsnotabodycount” for 2-for-1 tickets)     In Maniac Bowl, a distinguished panel of comedians rounds up the villains of current events, history, politics, pop culture, and your high school yearbook, and pits them against each …

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Show Review: Live Sex (10/16/2015)

Sex is a dead horse, beaten to a pulp and covered with ambiguous fluids. It’s the lifeblood of, well, living, complex beyond my comprehension (increasingly so) and utterly inescapable. Especially in comedy. Comedy and sex are century-old cousins, live entertainment licenses written on the backs of commingling dancers and segueing masters of ceremonies. Bits, pieces, …

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