The Real (Infinity Guitars) by. Childish Gambino

(META: Donald Glover rapping over Sleigh Bells)

Donald will be performing stand-up and music at Slim’s in San Francisco on December 11th. I’ve bought a ticket but I need to get rid of it because I have show that night. Talk to me if you want to go.

Donald Glover in SF 12/11/2010



Slim’s - San Francisco, CA - Dec 11th

El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA - Dec 12th

What do you do when a Derrick Comedy, Sick Boi, Community, Spider-Man, 30 Rock, mcDJ, sketch, improv, stand-up phenom comes into town? You fucking go see him.

(Keep looking on Slim’s for tickets, they’re not out yet.)

This news makes me want to…