Sketch Saturday: Throw A Few Bucks to Nick Stargu’s Prosthetic “Longfingers”

What do you value in your art? How do you value artists? How new and brilliant do things need to be before you say, “hey, I got to get in on this?” Do you appreciate practical effects? Do you have a buck right now? How about $5000? Have you heard Nick Stargu?


Nick Stargu, an absurdist singer-songwriter (good dude/nice dude/legit dude), conjures ideas beyond conventional imagination all the time. And it’s so fun seeing those visions come to life. DJ REAL, Nick’s motley alter ego, sings songs of mermaids with fish heads and human legs and invading humanoids living in a tiny hole in your finger. Wild stuff. Brilliant stuff! A quirky, surreal space for your mind to marinate. When these things manifest into the (DJ) real world, it can get absurd in ways both novel and necessary… and expensive.


Nick Stargu Longfingers


It’s partly how Nick Stargu dreams, partly his undying commitment. DJ REAL never skimps. He’s never without his beat up suitcase, or his intricate equipment, or his energy, or his talent. You will never see a half-assed DJ REAL show. He always entertains, inspired and inspiring, even if you’re not sure what you’re seeing or how you’re feeling. Those aesthetics and ethics goes for Nick’s Kickstarter too: everything is accounted for, and everybody gets compensated. Talented folks rarely receive what they’re worth, but it helps when they ask.



We have an opportunity to contribute to two music videos, two new fully original things in the world, from a wonderful creator and his skilled compatriots. It’s a long shot but now is the time. We have a week and every bit can push a campaign over the hump. Read more about Nick Stargu’s project and give more than what you can!

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