album cover for Jessica Sele "Weird Vibes"

Jessica Sele: Great Comedy, “Weird Vibes”

Jessica Sele, and her comedy album Weird Vibes, magnifies oddities and celebrates them with offbeat gravitas. Sele’s regal in her unflinching realness, majestic in discussing what dares to go unmentioned. Incisive social commentary through a personal, unbridled command. Brilliant solutions unearthed from adventurous musings. Weird Vibes has honed Jessica Sele’s unique essence, expansiveness, and wonderfully-worried …

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Irene Tu Just Getting Started with Debut Album “We’re Done Now”

Bay Area comedy heads know Irene Tu from her swift and ceremonious rise to prominence in the 2010s. Between Starline Comedy, Man Haters and stages across bridges and BART, Irene was a favorite for her moxie and her unique flavor. She’s since moved to Los Angeles, opened for the likes of Patton Oswalt and W …

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Word Origami George Chen

George Chen Spits His Velvet Underground With “Word Origami”

George Chen Is a Natural I’m not even sure George Chen wants you to buy his new album Word Origami. I mean, he definitely does. He’s an emerging comedian (i.e. broke). He’ll surely appreciate your contributions to his gas tank or pantry. It’s just that George is so smooth with it! There’s no schlocky, showbiz …

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Sal Calanni Little Dago

Sal Calanni To Release Second Album

Sal Calanni had nothing to do with LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals. But for a Clevelander with a long tenure in San Francisco, it had to be sweet. I wanted to contact Sal Calanni the minute Cleveland broke through the glass ceiling of sports legitimacy. I didn’t. …

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Postmortem: “Atheist Christmas” by Keith Lowell Jensen

Preface Comedy, as a commodity, rarely has primary sourced information detailing the trials, tribulations, nuances and practicalities of its most base byproducts: albums and specials. As information and media becomes more democratized, this is to the detriment of fans, critics and fellow creators. The following is not a promotional vehicle (though it is) and it’s …

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