Big Ups to Big Homie Frankie Quinones, Watch Funny Drop on Más Mejor

Big Homies are important in the San Francisco comedy scene. They tell you where to go, who to talk to, where to hang out. They show what it is to be a polished, professional type. They give you that critical feedback and validation of they like your work. Might even take you under their wing, put you some shows, teach you how to promote. If they sell out a hot show, that’s more inspiration and verification that, with time and work, you can to. Soon enough, you might even become a Big Homie yourself, paying it forward to the next class. But, you’ll always have your Big Homie, whose success is that more enthralling when it comes, celebrated as a point of personal pride. Watching the TV or computer screen like, “that’s them, that’s them, I know them!”



That’s how it is with Frankie Quinones. Frankie’s really funny in a smooth and amiable way. Jokes like “that’s crazy/that’s not that crazy”, and characters like Carmelita had a earworm consistency, getting stuck in your head based on cadence, turns of phrase and polish, relaying subconscious truths with a creative and unabashed direction. Producing a show called “For The People Comedy” isn’t a misnomer; Frankie Quinones is for everybody, not a sect here and there, but for anybody that likes to laugh and have a good time.



That’s why it’s exceptionally cool to see their collaboration with Broadway Video’s newly minted Más Mejor, who in addition to featuring Frankie—and Concord, CA native and #sf90s rep Carlos Alazraqui (whut whut!)—has a commitment to “cultivate Latino comedic talent and create and distribute premium comedy content for a diverse and progressive audience.”


I love it. I love seeing Frankie shining, the return of Carmelita, the outreach for little homies. Creatively fortified by Kevin Camia (another Big Homie), Robb Boardman (of Dress Up Gang) and Trevor Traynor to produce inventive and hilarious videos. Check out the various sketches embedded in this article, especially Funny Drop’s latest, Party Bro Real Estate, a heartwarming short of getting turnt and making family, available below.



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