Sketch Saturday: “Open Carry Office” by F-Comedy

Guns are fun. I can’t deny that. Most comedy about guns is about negligence, overabundance, or just plan wackiness. Isaac Hayes (RIP) in I’m Gonna Get You Sucka comes to mind. Cartoons with anthropormophic bullets rounding corners and skidding to a halt to read a sign and jetting off in the opposite direction as their target will always be hilarious. But the ultimate absurdity may be gun laws themselves.


45 states allow open carry to varying degrees, fluctuating requirements around background checks and record keeping, and a society of contrition on every single point. That means it’s basically allowed and encourage to tote around mechanism of life or death. And there seems there’s no changing gun culture so we might as well embrace it!


The folks over at F-Comedy took some of the pro-gun rhetoric and emphasized the fun—and versatility—of a gun as a tool, “like a pipe wrench or a spoon.” Starring “Handsome” David Gborie, we’re learn how guns can be helping hand in home decor and breakfast. I like how sincere David sounds when comforting a friend, as well as the intonation Kelly Levy makes saying, “Okay.” Also, there’s classic David Gborie dance moves like the Wop, windmill ass smack, and the “shoot my dick off”. Peep it here.


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