Irene Tu Just Getting Started with Debut Album “We’re Done Now”

Bay Area comedy heads know Irene Tu from her swift and ceremonious rise to prominence in the 2010s. Between Starline Comedy, Man Haters and stages across bridges and BART, Irene was a favorite for her moxie and her unique flavor. She’s since moved to Los Angeles, opened for the likes of Patton Oswalt and W Kamau Bell (and Jawbreaker!), got featured on a few lists (SFist and Vulture to name a few), did some TV, and is now releasing her debut comedy record. 

We’re Done Now is a steady stream of twists and sarcasm. Tu’s classic, crisp and clever joke writing is authentic to her multitudes. Irene Tu lets audiences get to know her—her sexuality, her pet peeves, her skateboarding—but remains refreshing, casual and limitless, which in turn invites curiosity. And, in that intrigue, in Tu’s matter of fact humanity, there’s a lot of laughs. Irene Tu is very funny, very smart, and allows the audience to feel the same. Never belabors the point, never overexplains, never tips her hand too much. Irene Tu trusts the audience to follow her inferences and allusions, trusts herself to goad and guide the evening. The Chicago native has a cool and dry sense of humor that oscillates between being pleasing as a breeze and jolting as a gust. Even at her most stark and dire musings—”Baby Food,” holy shit—Irene Tu manages to joke in a way as to not kill the vibe. We’re Done Now is a gentle provocation and a great debut album.


We’re Done Now is out on Blonde Medicine March, 25, 2022. Bandcamp. iTunes

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