Word Origami George Chen

George Chen Spits His Velvet Underground With “Word Origami”

George Chen Is a Natural I’m not even sure George Chen wants you to buy his new album Word Origami. I mean, he definitely does. He’s an emerging comedian (i.e. broke). He’ll surely appreciate your contributions to his gas tank or pantry. It’s just that George is so smooth with it! There’s no schlocky, showbiz …

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Kevin Camia Continues Classy, Clever and Cool Comedy With “Color”

  Grazing. Serene. Cathartic. Anecdotes unspooled like essays with cranky and angsty and honest confessions and observations on love, race, masculinity and loneliness. Slick and malleable and nonplussed and synthetic and effective: nylon. Package art, with retro typography and weathered flourishes on a faux vinyl sleeve, alludes to the performer’s throwback sensibilities. Terrific control over …

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Postmortem: “Atheist Christmas” by Keith Lowell Jensen

Preface Comedy, as a commodity, rarely has primary sourced information detailing the trials, tribulations, nuances and practicalities of its most base byproducts: albums and specials. As information and media becomes more democratized, this is to the detriment of fans, critics and fellow creators. The following is not a promotional vehicle (though it is) and it’s …

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