3/2/22. Talkies at Cobb’s Comedy Club

“Talkies is the Bay Area’s best unconventional, experimental, and multimedia live comedy event. At Talkies, comedians, writers, improvisers, and performers work outside of their regular routines to push the boundaries of comedy; PowerPoint presentations, characters, and off-stage antics are the order of the day. Started in the basement of San Francisco’s Lost Weekend Video store, …

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Depression Comedy

Depression comedy is comedy about depression. Depressive episode is one of the hardest things to experience. Can depression comedy help?

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Sketch Saturday: “My Life In Comedy” by Anna Seregina

Every hero needs an origin story. This is Anna Seregina’s. For the uninitiated, Seregina was a stand-up in San Francisco before relocating to Los Angeles. As above, so below, she’s honed a style that’s confessional, impressional, off-center and something you can root for.     In this directorial debut, Seregina cross casts herself as the …

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Sketch Comedy: Anna Seregina, Clare O’Kane and Kyle Mizono Forgo Color and Sound

  Color didn’t exist until the late 1960s, early 70s. As a child, in my adorable ignorance, I knew that cameras recorded life, and life was simply monochromatic for a very long time. Roses were gray, violets were grey, people were grey, and the darker greys had a lot of reasons to be grey about …

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